Expectations are growing that the era will come when non-developers develop programs with no code.

As a result, it is analyzed that some of the development areas, which were considered exclusive to skilled developers, will have lower barriers to entry.

No code is the process of creating a program with intuitive tasks without coding

A low code is a process of producing a program with minimal coding.

Norcode and Locode used to be a barrier to learning coding languages such as C, Java, Python, etc

It helps develop casino programs quickly with UI that even non-developers can easily understand.

The reason why No Code and Locode have recently been in the spotlight is that more complex programming has become possible using artificial intelligence.

Upstage, an AI startup, is preparing to release ‘AI Pack’, a record solution.

‘AI Pack’ is a solution that creates AI optimized for corporate internal data without developers.

It can be used to recommend shopping mall products or YouTube videos.

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