Web board game companies target lucrative ‘social casinos

Social casino site refers to an online game genre in which casino slot machines and poker can be enjoyed on PC or mobile.

Unlike web board games, the game industry says it’s a gambling game

Paid services are not available in Korea. Therefore, game companies are securing sales sources in overseas markets.

According to the game industry on the 13th, Neowiz is seeking to develop social casinos based on global slot games.

Neowiz signed an agreement with Kangwon Land last year to use slot content developed by Kangwon Land in the production of social casino games.

Domestic companies are pushing for a strategy to combine P2E models with social casinos that act as cash cow

Social casinosite(카지노사이트) is evaluated to be able to bring stable high profits to game companies compared to other genres. According to market research firm Statista,

The global social casino game market is expected to expand to $8.3 billion (KRW 10.3 trillion) by 2026.

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