Hanwha Group’s blockchain affiliate Enterprise Blockchain will establish various types of job matching platforms such as NFT-based freelancers and creators through NFT CV.

On the 5th, Lee Jong-gun, director of enterprise blockchain planning (CVO), attended ‘Biddle Asia 2022’ and made the remarks. He took the podium under the theme of “Assetting talents with NFT CVs for creating unconventional values.”

He first mentioned the ‘Gig economy’. A gig economy is an economy that consists of shared labor services. Here, gig originally means a stage performance, which means temporarily casting performers necessary for the performance near the concert hall. It refers to the non-regular workers market such as freelancers.

In the United States, it is estimated that there will be more gig workers (non-regular workers) than full-time workers within five years. “The gig economy is also growing in Korea and Southeast Asia. Not only musicians and comedians who work as freelancers, but also lawyers, artists, and bloggers can be seen as gigs.”

“Due to COVID-19, various people are looking for jobs through job matching platforms,” he said, adding, “They also do side jobs for their main jobs through ‘Boo-Cat’. “The size of the gig economy is growing, but gig data is not recorded or stored, so it is not easy to find another job by taking advantage of my career as a freelancer.”

Enterprise Blockchain then explained that it is creating a platform that combines a financial system that helps employment by systematically managing work histories and certificates, and individual businesses can prove their income to lend. The NFT CV is a result of that. NFT CV is a blockchain-based resume and portfolio containing a list of talents such as personal history, qualifications, and creations and transaction details.

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