Tesla, the flagship of U.S. electric vehicles, fell slightly, but U.S. electric vehicle stocks were mixed, with Nicola, an electric truck startup, soaring more than 18%.

On the New York Stock Exchange on the 31st (local time), Nicola rose 18.44%, Libyan rose 1.42%, and Lucid rose 0.42% respectively, while Tesla fell 0.43%.

Nicola’s share price soared more than 18 percent as it agreed to cooperate with hydrogen supplier Kistate. Nicola’s stock price jumped 18.44% to $3.79 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Kistate is a hydrogen supplier, and Nicola is building hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks.

Nicola said it is set to sign a final contract with Kistate to expand supply of hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks.

Nicola is building a hydrogen fuel cell electric truck with a mileage of up to 500 miles and a refueling time of less than 20 minutes, enabling long-distance cargo transport.

Nicola said Kistate will supply the company with 100 tons of hydrogen per day that can fuel up to 2,500 Nicola electric vehicles. This could replace more than 51 million gallons of diesel fuel a year.

Nicola seems to have soared more than 18% on the same day due to the news.

Livian, dubbed Tesla’s rival, rose 1.42 percent to $34.97, and Lucid rose 0.42 percent to $14.29, respectively.

Tesla, by comparison, was on the decline. Tesla closed at $227.54, down 0.43% from the previous trading day. This seems to be due to the fact that NASDAQ fell more than 1% on the same day.

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