Social casino gaming game policy, industry promotion and user protection

Recently, in the game industry, attempts have been detected to include a “currency exchange” system using virtual assets (cryptocurrency) in the “social casino” genre, which is the end of the gambling controversy.

This is because some domestic game companies, which boosted stock prices with the blockchain game “P2E (Play to Earn)” last year, are turning their attention to the social casino genre this time.

The move is aimed at creating a new profit model by enabling the exchange of game money in social casinos regulated by many countries, including the United States as well as Korea, as virtual assets.

In Korea, not only the exchange of social casino games but also paid services are regulated. The Game Rating and Administration Committee is refusing to classify the grade due to controversy over gambling.

That is why I am concerned. While P2E games are still considered illegal in Korea, game companies’ attempts to incorporate P2E into social casino genres with strong gambling can be self-supporting.

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