SK C&C Launches Blockchain Main Net

SK C&C has unveiled a service that can easily create NFTs with just a few clicks.

SK C&C Co., Ltd. will host the event on the 11th under the theme of “This is Enterprise NFT Platform.”

Through webinar, ‘Chain Z for NFT Platform’ will be unveiled.

This webinar presents both business innovation that starts with NFT and know-how to promote NFT business the fastest.

In particular, actual NFT issuance using the ChainZ for NFT platform and demonstration of taking out public Ethereum are also held, so you can check everything in the process of implementing NFT services.

Anyone interested in digital business innovation using NFT can participate and apply at the registration site skdna2022 dotcom.

The ChainZ for NFT platform is an automated platform that allows users to easily and quickly create various NFT services according to the nature of digital assets even if they are not blockchain experts.

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