Woori Financial Group announced on the 20th that it will recruit 3.5th companies to participate in the start-up cooperation program “Digital Innovation Lab.”

In this Dino Lab 3.5th contest, it is planning to find promising future companies that pursue new industries and technology fields such as ▲ Digital Platform ▲ ESG ▲ AI (Artificial Intelligence) ▲ Robotics ▲ Mobility.

Companies selected for the 3.5th Dino Lab can receive support for scale-up programs such as ▲ collaboration opportunities ▲ investment attraction ▲ global expansion ▲ recruitment support ▲ expert consulting with Woori Financial Group. In addition, you can freely use large seminar rooms and rooftop lounges as well as the opportunity to move into the independent office space of the Dino Lab 2nd Center located in the Venture Promotion District of Gwanak-gu, Seoul.

Applications for the contest are due on the 10th of next month. Details of participation methods and programs can be found on the Woori Financial Group website.

Woori Financial Group is expanding the group’s future new growth engines through continuous cooperation with promising startups.

As a recent synergy case between Woori Financial Group and D-Nok, Woori Asset Trust, a real estate investment platform company, signed a business partnership for commercial real estate investment and platform trading in August and successfully completed a real estate sculpture investment subscription for Lotte World Tower Signiel 1.

In July, Woori Financial Group’s facility management company WinP&S and HRM, a recycling resource solution company, signed a resource circulation efficiency contract to increase the utilization of recycled waste discharged from its main building and data the waste disposal process.

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