Mobile driver’s licenses began to be issued at all driving test sites and police stations across the country from the 28th.

A mobile driver’s license is a driver’s license issued to a personal smartphone in accordance with the Road Traffic Act, and has the same legal effect as the current plastic driver’s license. Mobile driver’s licenses will be available at public institutions, banks, rental car companies, airports, hospitals, convenience stores, passenger terminals, telecommunication companies, and elections.

It can also be used for identification purposes when opening a mobile phone or authenticating as an adult at a convenience store

Currently, 13 banks can use mobile driver’s licenses if you visit a window where they can use them. You can make financial transactions by filming the QR code presented by the bank employee with a mobile ID app. Four banks offer mobile driver’s licenses even when opening non-face-to-face accounts.

Four banks (Shinhan, Woori, Nonghyup Bank, and Kakao Bank), which also provide non-face-to-face services, do not submit copies of their ID cards when opening non-face-to-face accounts, but go through the identity verification process only with their mobile driver’s licenses.

The mobile driver’s license will be used in various ways by place of use, such as opening a mobile phone, adult authentication at a convenience store, logging in as a member of the government 24, signing up for Toss identification service, unmanned check-in at Yanolja accommodation, and remittance at Naver Pay.

Personal information can be exposed only as optional information is provided↓

A mobile driver’s license can optionally provide only the information required by the other party. The difference from existing plastic licenses is that it can prevent excessive personal information exposure.

Various security technologies such as blockchain and encryption have been applied to secure safety, and it is also advantageous that it can be issued only to one terminal under its name. When reporting a loss, your mobile driver’s license is locked and not displayed on the screen, so be careful.

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