NFT Wallet “Tokken” Published by Hong Soon-myung as NFT

Hong Soon-myung is a painting installation artist who built a reputation by exhibiting at leading domestic and foreign art museums such as the National Museum of Modern Art, Daegu Museum, and the Saint-Andre Museum of Modern Art in Avee, France. Aquarium-1402 to be published as NFT is considered one of Hong Soon-myung’s masterpieces.

This NFT issue started with Hong Soon-myung’s personal concerns. The explanation is that it will test what social values pure art can create by meeting new technologies in a rapidly changing art environment with this NFT issue.

Author Hong Soon-myung’s NFT works can be purchased through Tokken’s own NFT marketplace from the end of next month. Purchasers will be provided with benefits such as art museum membership at the country’s first private art museum, Total Art Museum. In addition, part of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to animal welfare organizations according to the will of Hong Soon-myung.

“For the growth of the NFT market, a variety of NFTs that provide significant collection value to the general public must emerge,” said Joo Min-soo, CEO of Tokken. “We will first promote the revitalization of NFT marketplaces through cooperation with various people such as artists, brands, and influencers.”

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