Netmarble is drawing attention by releasing its first self-development game using virtual assets (coin). A3: If you have accumulated the know-how of making P2E of existing games through Still Alive, your strategy is to move directly to the coin-using market through Golden Bros.

Netmarble announced on the 29th that it has released the casual shooting game “Golden Bros” globally (excluding some countries such as Korea and China).

All users in the service area can download games from Google Play, the Apple App Store, and the official brand site and play freely.

Golden Bros is a blockchain technology-based casual shooting game developed by Netmarble FNC and features easy and concise gameability. Each player can enjoy dynamic game play such as farming, growth, securing a stronghold, hiding, and utilizing the ultimate weapon in the battlefield where the 3-3 real-time PvP battle takes place.

In commemoration of the release of “Golden Bros”, Netmarble will hold a “Brospass Event” that will pay rewards such as “Lady Thunder Gene (450), “Emoticon”, “Portraitization” and “Name Tag” if the mission is achieved through game play by August 26.

If the stage is cleared using Jennifer from the 8th to the 14th of next month, the Jennifer PvE event will be held, which will provide Jennifer genes (150) and emoticons, and from August 15 to 21st, which will present Master Kung genes (150) and Equipment Boxes when achieving a specific missions are achieved.

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