More driving data is required to develop technology

More driving data is required to develop technology with perfect autonomous driving function.

It is because the basic driving function is learned only for 10 hours of learning, and the technology of commercialization level is not enough.

To compensate for this, is distributing smartphone apps to collect driving data.

As an autonomous driving data app, anyone has a smartphone on the front of their vehicle

Running the app uploads the vehicle driving video and information (speed, GPS, etc.) to

Those who share driving information accumulate points from and can be used when they are commercialized in the future.

For more detailed vehicle information collection, not just simple driving information, also distributes hardware called panda.

Insert into the on board diagnostic (OBD) in vehicle and run the chffr app

the information including the steering angle of the steering wheel, the engine RPM, the engine torque etc. is together shared with the simple driving image

Artificial intelligence can learn more detailed vehicle information

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