Axi Infinity, well-known for its money-making game (P2E), seized some of the cryptocurrency stolen by North Korean cyberattack organizations. Although it is part of the damage, it is expected that profits from cryptocurrency crimes can be recovered through public-private cooperation in the future.

SkyMavis, which serves Axi Infinity, said on the 8th (local time) that it seized 30 million dollars (about 41.4 billion won) worth of cryptocurrency stolen by Lazarus as a result of cooperation between international scribes and private organizations.

Lazarus, a North Korean cyberattack organization, leaked cryptocurrency without permission in March this year by exploiting the vulnerability of SkyMavis’ blockchain network “Ronin Bridge.” Lazarus is an organization under the General Bureau of Reconnaissance established in 2007 and has gained notoriety for hacking Sony Pictures. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has placed three Lazarus members on the first-degree wanted list.

Axi Infinity is considered a representative success story in NFT-based money-making games (P2E), and has provided services within its blockchain to reduce user convenience and transaction fees, and has provided services by connecting them with Ethereum Blockchain (Mainnet).

“September is a cruel month,” $20,000 Bitcoin, the lowest point of which is less than $15,000
Lazarus exploited the vulnerabilities that occurred when verifying transmission information in this connection and stole $600 million worth of cryptocurrency through this attack. As a result, the U.S. Treasury Department included cryptocurrency wallets believed to be owned by Lazarus in April this year.

According to the security industry, the Lazarus organization sent the stolen cryptocurrency to the Ethereum exchange wallet and mixed cryptocurrency from various sources through tornado cache. Tornado Cash is a technology that makes it difficult to track transactions by mixing them with other transactions when trading cryptocurrency, dividing them into various wallets, and then merging them again. The Lazarus organization laundered the source by converting the mixed Ethereum into Bitcoin.

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