learns big data using a neural network model

Deep learning is a technology that learns big data using a neural network model composed of numerous layers.

It is regarded as a key technology for the fourth industrial revolution.

However, deep learning requires a vast amount of time and computing resources for big data learning

This has been pointed out as a major obstacle to deep learning research and development.

In order to solve these disadvantages, recent academic and industrial circles

Data parallelism for deep learning acceleration is actively being studied.

In data parallel learning, the value showing how much the learning result of walkers is reflected in model is called the learning rate

The higher the learning rate, the more the learning results are reflected in the model

Generally, as the learning progresses, the scale (amount of data which it at the same time learns) of the learning increases,

The quality of learning results tends to increase, so in this case, the quality of learning results is

The learning rate is high set up in order to very much reflect to model.

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