Igloo Corporation (CEO Lee Ik-chun) announced on the 2nd that it has won an order from the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) to build a “cyber security artificial intelligence dataset (active security control field).” Igloo Corporation has once again been recognized for its ability to build high-quality AI data by carrying out the active security control field following the infringement accident field construction project in 2021.

This project aims to strengthen the private sector’s ability to respond to cyber threats based on AI and big data by establishing, sharing, and utilizing cybersecurity AI datasets through cooperation between the government and the private sector. Following the establishment of AI datasets in malicious code and infringement accidents in 2021, the company is planning to establish more than 210 million active security datasets, including AI datasets for IT service security control using ▲ Digital Twin Technology, AI datasets for automation of ▲ latest attack response.

Based on years of experience in establishing and operating AI systems, Igloo Corporation plans to complete the construction of high-quality AI datasets reflecting the latest cyber infringement accidents and trends at home and abroad in December. Raw data generated by heterogeneous security equipment and latest threat intelligence information are collected, characteristics of attacks are extracted, selected, and labeled, and this labeling data is processed into a dataset for AI learning. After that, AI datasets will be applied to companies and institutions that provide close-to-life services to complete effectiveness verification.

Cybersecurity AI datasets built through this project will be opened to the private sector through the Cybersecurity Big Data Center of the Korea Internet & Security Agency. As the difficulty of collecting, processing, and verifying high-quality security data is resolved, security startups and companies as well as organizations in industries closely related to people’s lives are expected to benefit from AI. It is expected that it will be able to speed up the development of AI security products and services by utilizing refined high-quality AI security data and respond to the latest security threats more preemptively.

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