Kakao’s global public blockchain platform “Klaytn” announced on the 11th that it has signed partnerships with large-scale user-based service companies such as “Contents Protocol,” a blockchain project of “Watcha,” and “Zanadu,” a blockchain project called “Atlas.”

Clayton believes that in order to popularize blockchain, it is most important to prove the value and usefulness of blockchain technology by introducing blockchain services that have secured large-scale users. To this end, it signed partnerships with nine companies, including “Wemade Tree” and “Fiction Network,” and eight additional partnerships, including “Whatcha’s Content Protocol,” “Atlas” of “Zanadu,” “Bora” of “Way2Bit,” and “Womenstock.”

Content Protocol, which joined as a partner this time, is a blockchain project of Watcha, which operates a movie recommendation service with 4.5 million users. We intend to record the details of users’ activities such as recommendations, ratings, and reviews in “Watcha Play” on the blockchain and provide compensation according to their contribution. In the future, it plans to expand blockchain technology in cooperation with platforms that have various contents such as music and e-books as well as videos.

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