K-space startup founded

KDB Development Bank announced on the 9th that it has made a follow-up investment of 5 billion won in startup contact that provides services for space stations as part of creating a K-space ecosystem.

Earlier, KDB invested 2 billion won in March last year.

Context is a K-space startup founded by CEO Lee Sung-hee, who worked at the Korea Aerospace Exploration Agency for 16 years.

As a private company, it established a space ground station on Jeju Island for the first time in Asia in 2019.

It is the only private company in Korea that supports one-stop services from the design, manufacture, and construction of space stations to the reception and processing analysis of image data delivered by satellites.

Based on the total investment of 61 billion won in Series C, the company will expand its space station to 12 in 10 countries by the end of this year

It is planning to create a new business by having its own satellite. It is predicted that it will be able to grow into a global space company in the future.

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