introduce “Web 3.0” blockchain

Line Games announced on the 22nd that it will introduce “Web 3.0” centered on irreplaceable tokens (NFTs) with blockchain company Nedista.

Line Games has also begun full-fledged collaboration with blockchain game company “Nedista,” which recently invested.

Nerdista is developing its own blockchain platform called LUXON.

The platform provides various services such as games, coins, staking, marketplace, and NFT, and builds a blockchain ecosystem

It’s a goal.

Nudistar’s blockchain platform provides an easy response to transaction scalability and market volatility

It is being considered as a “multi-chain” and allows users to participate in decisions for the ecosystem themselves

It is preparing to develop a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) project.

Line Games will launch an NFT project using its popular mobile game ‘Exos Heroes’ with Nedista.

Recently, Line Games provided users with NFT profile images to commemorate the 700th day of the global launch of “Exos Heroes.”

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