The digital marketing market has grown significantly as SNS usage time has increased since the pandemic, and the influence of influencers operating on social media platforms is increasing.

As a result, companies that use Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing in various forms to upgrade and expand their business, such as strengthening influencer-based content production and diffusion capabilities, selling collaboration products, and launching brand business alliance matching services, are attracting attention.

◆ Storelink significantly strengthens influencer content capabilities and lays the foundation for brand aggregator leap forward

Storink, which is taking off as a brand aggregator, is expanding its scope of collaboration with various operators in the e-commerce field to maximize its ability to provide influencer-based content for product marketing management.

StoreLink recently signed an MOU with Consumer Intelligence, an enterprise D2C marketing platform review share operator, for investment and business cooperation. As the influence of SNS is expanding and online content production and diffusion are essential to grow the brand, Storelink’s open market-optimized marketing solution that supports comprehensive data-driven strategy design and review share’s vast content data with 100,000 consumer members are connected to strengthen market competitiveness.

In April, CJ ENM’s media commerce subsidiary, DADAM&C, launched a joint purchase e-commerce platform, Unibi, in Vietnam. The platform not only supports simple sharing of deal information on social media, but also has a systematic system to produce and spread high-quality influencer-based SNS contents through collaboration with Dada Studio Vietnam, a subsidiary of Dada M&C.

Meanwhile, big data marketing solution company Storelink supports companies to make data-based decisions throughout the e-commerce business. Currently, 20 major domestic open markets, including Naver Shopping, Coupang, and 11th Street, are collecting and analyzing more than 2 million data per day to build a marketing prediction model, and more than 70 billion data have been analyzed through Storelink’s open market optimization platform so far.

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