According to data released by the Korea Institute of Health and Medical Sciences last year,

The global AI-oriented medical device market is expected to grow 42% annually, and a market of about $99.49 billion is expected to be formed by 2027.

The Institute of Science and Technology is launching AI medical software, a digital new deal

It has started to create a new wind, and some medical AI solution companies have continued to go high by succeeding in listing on the KOSDAQ.

Artificial intelligence boasts various uses in the medical field, and also played a role in relieving fatigue to medical staff in the persistent COVID-19 situation.

Along with the remarkable growth of medical AI, there is something that is drawing attention again.

It is a ‘data processing’ technology that determines the competitiveness of AI technology.

Medical data labeling is a task that informs AI of the know-how to distinguish between normal tissues and lesions such as brightness, contrast, spatial frequency, homogeneity, curvature, and length

The accuracy of AI’s analysis depends on how delicate medical data labeling is.

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