Hanbit Soft reorganized its homepage with an emphasis on enhancing convenience while delivering future-oriented corporate brand value.

Based on its trendy design, the new homepage provides flexible readability no matter what platform customers access through, such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

In addition, the menu was organized to conveniently access information related to Hanbit Soft’s game and content business. In addition, one-stop use is possible without the hassle of finding the menu by putting the latest news and recruitment information banners on the first screen.

In addition, the company emphasized its value as a publishing company that serves PC online games and mobile games by using the game portal Hanbiton logo and related game images as the main titles of its website.

In addition, information related to “I am a voice actor,” a platform that uses AI technology to create a metaverse avatar with my own voice, has also been added to the new website.

An official from Hanbit Soft said, “Hanbit Soft is a leading company in the fourth industrial era and will continue to sell future-oriented values and innovative values to contribute to the happiness and development of customers, employees, and even human society.”

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