Ground X, Kakao’s blockchain technology affiliate, will strengthen user convenience through a digital asset wallet application (app) that can store digital assets.

Ground X announced on the 26th that it has released ‘Klip’, a digital asset wallet, as a sole app.

Clip is a mobile wallet service that can collect and manage blockchain-based digital assets in one place. The plan is to increase user accessibility through the clip app and support a more convenient and safe user experience.

Clip apps focused on strengthening user convenience. The app supports the same environment that was provided in existing clips, such as login using Kakao accounts. At the same time, app-specific functions such as address book, biometric authentication, and push notification have been added. Frequently used addresses can be stored in the address book for convenient management, and it can be easily transmitted using the address book when transmitting virtual assets or irreplaceable tokens (NFTs).

The approach through the Kakao Talk mobile app remains the same as before. Users can use the clip through the “Full Service” in the “More” tab in the lower right corner of the app or Kakao Talk mobile app, depending on their convenience.

“We released clips as an app to strengthen accessibility and user convenience,” said Yang Joo-eun, CEO of Ground X. “We will add various functions and services to the clips in the future to make them life-friendly services that all users use every day.”

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