Gopax, which faced a delay in withdrawal of its own deposit services in the wake of the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange FTX’s application for court bankruptcy protection, announced on the 21st that it is putting new liquidity supply and investor protection first.

The withdrawal of its own deposit service “Gopai” products from the domestic virtual currency exchange Gopaix has been suspended since the 16th. This is the aftermath of the service suspension of Genesis Trading, a U.S. cryptocurrency lender.

Although it is not a situation in which ordinary customers withdraw their deposits (coin run), the 24th, when the first maturity comes after the delay in withdrawal, was pointed out as the biggest crisis.

However, Gopax announced on its website in the afternoon that day, “We are positively discussing with global blockchain infrastructure companies to supply liquidity, and we are coordinating details with investor protection as a top priority.”

“As the customer’s trust is the reason for the existence of Gopax, we will do our best to ensure that all of the customer’s assets are fully repaid,” he added. “We bow our heads once again to apologize.”

Gopai is a product that gives interest on virtual currency held by customers when entrusted.

It is a structure in which virtual currency entrusted by customers is operated through Genesis Trading, and the withdrawal of GoFi customer assets has also been suspended as Genesis Trading suspended new loans and repurchase in the aftermath of the FTX crisis.

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