Galaxy Metabus, a company specializing in blockchain, announced on the 5th that it has signed a strategic partnership with Hand Studio, a subsidiary of FSN, for cooperation in blockchain business. Hand Studio is the operator of the Sunmiya Club, an irreplaceable token (NFT) project by artist Sunmi.

With this agreement, the two companies plan to expand the NFT ecosystem at home and abroad, including △ NFT wallet FAVORLET, △ New blockchain business based on digital assets and NFT intellectual property (IP).

Hand Studio is carrying out a blockchain business based on its business that has developed and operated various types of platforms such as smart TVs, webs, and mobile. It is expanding its blockchain business area with Pingtungps, a research institute specializing in blockchain, under its umbrella. With artist Sunmi, it launched the NFT project “Sunmiya Club” and sold out the “Happy Town,” “Smile Miya Club,” and “Beligom Project” PFP NFT, becoming Korea’s leading NFT producer.

Ko Kwang-rim, CEO of Galaxy Metabus, said, “Hand Studio is expected to have synergy in promoting digital assets and defi businesses as it has various competitiveness in blockchain areas, including NFT,” and added, “In particular, GXA’s external wallet linkage will expand the use of digital assets.”

Galaxy Meta Bus recently transferred its NFT platform Meta Galaxy to its affiliate Galaxy Next. It is focusing on expanding its blockchain business by establishing digital assets and blockchain wallet services in various fields such as sports, entertainment, and pet economy.

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