Entertainment IP-based NFT leader ENTC signed a $3 million content supply contract with U.S. SAT educational institution METASTUDY on the 12th.

Metastudy (CEO Jay Gopalan), headquartered in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, where all leading U.S. companies are concentrated, is a professional educational institution that provides top-level educational content, SAT, and lectures necessary for entrance exams, through online platforms.

Through this content supply contract, Metastudy will supply lectures using celebrity virtual human characters from ENTC’s entertainment IP-based virtual human project “STARVATAR” to the world.

As Metastudy plans to gradually introduce all online lectures as AI virtual instructors while aiming for future directions as metaverse, the partnership contract is expected to create synergy.

It is known that Stavatar IP content that ENTC will supply to Metastudy in the future is likely to be provided based on K-POP stars with fandom.

Starting with this supply contract, ENTC plans to reveal the outline of the actual BM (profit model) through synergy between entertainment IP content, NFT, and metaverse and begin to dominate the market in earnest.

“We are trying to avoid reckless metaverse content without innovation at this time of arrival and provide future harmonized content with technology that can be applied to reality one by one,” ENTC said. “Entertainment IP-based NFT, blockchain, and metaverse markets will lead the global market in the future, and ENTC will open the door with this content supply contract.”

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