The contest, which marks its third anniversary this year, was jointly held by public institutions such as SK Eco Plant and the R&D Special Zone Promotion Foundation under the Ministry of Science and ICT, as well as the Korea International Trade Association, Gyeongbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center, and Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center. SK Eco Plant has held a public contest since September to discover domestic small and medium-sized companies and startups with innovative technology ideas and support R&D, and a total of 90 technologies in eco-friendly, renewable energy, and smart construction fields have been received.

After reviewing documents and presenting presentations, SK Eco Plant finally selected seven companies, including three eco-friendly, one renewable energy, and three smart construction companies, as award- The evaluation was conducted by comprehensively considering the excellence, business feasibility, and possibility of joint development of the received technology.

Companies that win the contest can receive government tasks, etc. from the R&D Special Zone Promotion Foundation. Benefits will also be given, such as conducting joint R&D with SK Eco Plant, reviewing the applicability of the project, and applying it to the actual site.

Among the three award-winning companies in the eco-friendly field, Korea Circulation Materials is a company that produces upcycling products such as cement subsidiary materials by utilizing gypsum extracted by neutralizing sulfuric acid from waste. In the field of smart construction, three companies, including Esco RTS, which has technologies related to soundproof walls that prevent temperature rise inside soundproof tunnels and increase resistance to the wind, were honored. Living Care, which introduced technology to recycle industrial waste heat and generate electricity using temperature differences in thermal energy, was selected as the only award-winning company in the renewable energy field.

At the awards ceremony, an investment attraction event was also held. It is part of the “Value Up Platform” activity established by SK Eco Plant to create a sustainable industrial ecosystem.

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