CNT Tech (CEO Jeon Hwa-sung) announced on the 13th that it has invested in Daisen (CEO Lee Kang-hee), a digital farming-based bio-material development company. The investment is 200 million won. Thanks to attracting investment, Daygen plans to focus on upgrading its own business model and strengthening its investment capabilities.

The company is working on research and development of functional materials using domestic natural products. It has a technology for manufacturing oat extract to prevent muscle loss and improve exercise performance. It has been certified as an excellent technology (T3 grade) by the Korea Agricultural Technology Agency.

In April 2021, the company was selected as a target company for the “development of a commercialization model for healthy food of domestic rice oats” hosted by the Rural Development Administration in December of the same year. Daygen explains that this investment attraction is also the result of recognition of these achievements.

“As of 2021, the functional health food market is growing every year to 210 trillion won,” said CEO Jeon Hwa-sung. “Daysen is a promising company that has entered the clinical stage for individual certified materials by suppressing muscle loss, improving cognition, and specializing in joint health.” He added, “We decided to invest because we decided that it would standardize related natural raw material cultivation methods in the future and help improve the income of domestic farmers.”

CNT Tech achieved achievements of more than 4,000 incubation startups, 242 investment startups (25.2 billion won), 25 EXIT companies, 407.2 billion won in follow-up investment, 500 billion won in cumulative sales, 70 direct and indirect investment in TIPS, and 70 follow-up investment-linked results. It is a company that has achieved the highest investment record in the accelerator industry.

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