Cube Entertainment announced that it has signed a business agreement with One Planet, an NFT marketplace company specializing in polygons, to create a global blockchain ecosystem.

Through this business agreement, AnyCube Entertainment NFT and Utility, a joint venture between Cube Entertainment and AnyMoca Brands, will be linked to OnePlanet and provide convenience for many users to mint AnyCube’s NFT through OnePlanet’s marketplace or community.

One Planet signed an official partnership with the Polygon Foundation and Polygon Studios in May. Through this partnership, it is rapidly becoming an NFT marketplace that represents the polygon ecosystem.

It is making a lot of efforts to select and attract good projects to become an NFT marketplace representing polygon, and One Planet is also building functions and services tailored to games, especially as large game companies are preparing to launch based on polygon.

The number of NFT airdrop applicants conducted by AnyCube in April exceeded 2.3 million, and the PFP-type AnyBear NFT minting is set to take place on October 5.

Venter has partnered with Animoca’s subsidiary Metabus Platform “The Sandbox” and has a builder studio “Nestry,” so it plans to introduce a K-culture cultural space and Anycub brand in The Sandbox game in the second half through smooth technical collaboration. In addition, the K-pop open metaverse platform “Music Metabus,” which is being developed by Any Cube, will also be introduced after the second half of the year to launch aggressive new businesses.

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