Google Cloud announced on the 16th that Com2us will build a public cloud environment based on Google Cloud and operate all game global services based on “Summoners War” IP.

Summoners War: Arena of the Sky’ is the first title of the “Summoners War” series and is a game played by more than 160 million people around the world. Com2us, which has been operating “Summoners War: Arena of the Sky” in a hybrid cloud environment, has fully switched to a public cloud environment based on Google Cloud in cooperation with Vespin Global to expand its infrastructure capabilities.

With the development and operation of “Summoners War: Hundred Years’ War” and “Summoners War: Chronicle” on Google Cloud platform, Com2us will operate all Summoners War series on Google Cloud through this transition.

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Jang Hwa-jin, president of Google Cloud Korea, said, “The strength of Google Cloud is to stably provide performance and availability with a global network infrastructure,” adding, “We will actively support domestic game companies to strengthen their competitiveness in the global market based on Google Cloud infrastructure and best practices.”

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