Com2us Holdings announced its first-quarter earnings in 2022 and announced its aspirations for a global Web 3 value chain company.

Com2us Holdings recorded 24.1 billion won in sales, 3.2 billion won in operating losses, and 4.6 billion won in net losses in the first quarter of this year.

In the first quarter, the performance slowed down due to a decrease in investment profits from related companies and increased investment costs for new businesses.

From the second quarter, games that apply the blockchain system will be actively released and C2X ecosystem will be expanded in earnest to improve performance.

Last month, ‘Chromatic Soul: AFK Reid‘ was introduced to the global market as a blockchain game.

By introducing a participatory program linked to the C2X blockchain ecosystem, the direction of the decentralized web3 game was presented.

Even before its release, it carried out the beta game launcher procedure and received positive responses from participants

It also verified a balanced sales model. In addition, the C2X Station, an electronic wallet, and the global NFT exchange were opened, establishing various foundations for the virtuous cycle of the C2X ecosystem.

It plans to become a web3 value chain company by expanding the C2X ecosystem centered on participants.

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