CodeStates (CEO Kim In-ki), an IT talent training startup, announced that it has been officially registered as a partner organization for the “GitHub campus program.”

The “GitHub Campus Program,” which supports the comprehensive use of GitHub, an open source sharing platform under Microsoft, offers a variety of solutions, including development tool packages, training for employees to use GitHub, and supporting the growth of the technology community. Partner qualifications can be obtained through examination only for education-oriented institutions that award degrees or certificates.

CodeStates joined the GitHub campus program for the eighth time in Korea. CodeStates is known to have pushed for the GitHub campus program partner registration process to support effective learning of boot camp participants and create a differentiated educational environment corresponding to the expanding size of students.

Through the registration of the partner institution, CodeStates will be able to provide students with the “GitHub Pro Plan” as well as the “GitHub Student Developer Pack” so that they can use development-related services in GitHub for free for a certain period of time when authenticating to take boot camp. In addition, executives and employees within CodeStates can utilize the GitHub Enterprise Plan to provide improved education services.

CodeStates currently operates various training courses for IT career transformation such as Product Management (PM), Gross Marketing (GM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and DevOps, as well as SW Engineering Bootcamp to foster front-end and back-end developers. As of the first half of 2022, the number of participants taking education through CodeStates’ own boot camp increased by more than 65% compared to the same period last year, with the total number of students steadily increasing.

Kim In-ki, CEO of CodeStates, said, “We needed to secure an improved educational environment at a time when the number of students in our boot camp was rapidly expanding due to increased demand for IT talent across the industry.”

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