casino industry is the economic effect pros and cons

The biggest positive aspect of the casino industry is the economic effect. Because it’s the easiest way to earn foreign currency, and it’s job creation and high tax revenue.

The negative aspects of the casino industry can be summarized into three keywords: gambling addiction, crime increase, and criminal organization intervention.

In China, there is a saying that drugs are given to people who are addicted to gambling. This is because gambling addiction is more of a social evil than drug addiction.

If there is an environment where you can gamble, it means that you are exposed to an environment where you will be addicted to gambling. avoid gambling for a yearEven if you go,

once you do it again, gambling addiction recurs, and your efforts so far go to waste. Gambling addicts think that money is the root and solution of all their problems.

Naturally, you can bully your family and acquaintances, deteriorate your relationships, become more isolated, and lose everything in your life.

If you stop around the casino, you’ll be able to easily access these gambling addicts and homeless people.


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