Blockchain businesses such as marketplace and metaverse will be promoted in earnest. The goal is to build a core infrastructure for the next-generation Web3 ecosystem that gives users’ personal information and data sovereignty to individuals, not platforms.

According to Com2us Group on the 16th, five web3 games, including Summoners War: Centennial War, Chromatic Soul: AFK Rade, Critica Online, 2022 Gamevil Professional Baseball Superstars, and (G)I-DLE Luca, are being serviced overseas through Xpla Mainnet. In addition, more than 10 types of web3 games, including Summoners War: Chronicle and World of Genonia, are planned to be onboarded on the Xpla Mainnet.

Xpla is a blockchain mainnet developed by Com2us Holdings. It is a system that serves as the foundation for various decentralized distributed applications (Dapps) and projects, and has implemented blockchain technology and token economy specialized in the game environment.

Currently, Summoners War: Centennial War users can acquire and consume goods in the game and convert digital tokens C2X and Centennial War-specific tokens LCT through the electronic wallet “C2X Station.” C2X will proceed with the migration based on the Xpla mainnet in the future.

Last month, it also signed a strategic partnership with ‘Exterio’, a web3 game platform. Exterio is Funplus’ exclusive Web3 partner with a mega-sized lineup such as “State of Survival,” “Guns of Glory,” and “King’s of Avalon,” which topped the list of sales in 70 countries around the world. By expanding its content portfolio, it has expanded its influence as a global mainnet.

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