Creativeia, co-developed by Geumo Engineering University‘s ICT Convergence Specialization Research Center (Center Director Kim Dong-sung) and NS Lab Co., Ltd., means “creative space,” and is a shared platform for metaverse exhibitions aimed at ultra-realistic content. The two organizations began joint development in February this year, and the beta version will be released this time.

Cretibia is a metaverse platform created by all participants, consisting of modularization of research and development, education, smart manufacturing, and exhibition planning.

It is not limited to communication between avatars in the virtual space, but not only shares development knowledge according to the needs of users, but also enables education and learning.

In addition, various simulations necessary for educational research activities such as digital twins can be applied based on 3D spatial information.

Geumo University of Technology is promoting the development of test modules that can be applied to various industries such as disaster safety, integrated control, and facility management through Cretevia, and released them as a free platform to support research and development and commercialization in NFT, AI, metaverse, and digital twin-related fields.

The ICT Convergence Specialization Research Center of Geumo University of Technology is pushing for “Cretibia” to be expanded into a customized development platform that can reflect various business needs through international collaboration with major metaverse companies in the United States, Israel, Nigeria and Indonesia.

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