Despite the recent application for bankruptcy on the FTX exchange and the unstable virtual asset market, the challenges of domestic game companies that have entered the blockchain market continue.

According to the game industry on the 22nd, game companies such as Wemade, Com2us Group, Netmarble, and Enpixel are conducting various activities to enter the blockchain service and game market.

WeMade is introducing various blockchain services following the launch of its blockchain WeMix’s main net WeMix 3.0 and stable coin WeMix Dollar last month.

On the 11th, the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO, hereafter Dao) and NFT (irreplaceable token) platform “Nail” were introduced, and blockchain services such as “Sneakers,” “Tangled” and “Bagle” were released to the public at the G-Star 2022 site, which was completed on the 20th.

Among them, Nile is characterized by the ability of communities with common goals to create and operate their own talk-nomics (virtual asset economy). It also provides functions such as “Dapp” (decentralized application) within the Nile platform, a marketplace where you can trade NFT with tokens created by projects, and a dashboard that can check related prices.

In addition, WeMade plans to release its new works “Night Crow” and “Legend of Imir,” which were introduced at G-Star 2022, on WeMix Play, WeMix’s open blockchain game platform.

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