NetStream Co., Ltd. (CEO Sang Hyun-tae), a company specializing in developing WebXR metaverse solutions, announced that it has succeeded in attracting follow-up investments through the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (Shinbo).

NetStream CEO Sang Hyun-tae said, “We are pleased to be able to successfully complete the ongoing seed investment round by attracting investment from the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund. Netstream has gained momentum to speed up cloud funding targeting the North American market, which is planned as a reward in November, including the open beta test (OBT) of Netstarium, a WebXR technology-based metaverse exhibition gallery solution, which has been underway since September 23.He expressed his opinion.

NetStream’s developing Metabus Gallery Netstarium’s service page (photo = NetStream provided)
Netstream is a startup founded by members who developed realistic VR, AR contents, and services, including games, and is developing SaaS-type metaverse gallery solutions and CAD using real-time rendering on the WEB.

It provides an easy and convenient operating environment that allows users to build, edit, and display their own metaverse galleries anytime, anywhere if connected to the Internet, and aims to become a company that can contribute to the creation and popularization of the metaverse ecosystem that creators want by supporting NFT and various digital data formats.

◆ BlueLeo, a venture company specializing in oral care, has obtained a T3 rating for Technology Credit Assessment (TCB)
Blue Leo Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Seung-min), a venture company specializing in oral care, announced that it was selected as an excellent technology company at Nice D&B’s Technology Credit Bureau (TCB) and obtained a T3 rating.

Technology credit evaluation (TCB) is a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of technology, rights, marketability, and business feasibility and classified into grades or scores. The highest grades, T1 to T10, are divided into a total of 10 grades. The T3 grade, the top three levels, is given to companies with excellent technology that meets the conditions for listing KOSDAQ technology special cases.

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