Recently, various attempts using blockchain have been made.

The area where the grafting of technology is most active is

Although “Fintech” is led by “Bitcoin,” blockchain is a technology that has modifiers such as “trust,” “Peer to Peer” and “decentralization.”

Attempts to apply technology seem to be continuing in various areas where the value can be exercised. The same goes for the content platform market.

As one of the solutions to the problems that have been suffered, such as censoring and deleting contents due to pressure from inside and outside the platform, unfair distribution of profits between the platform and creators, and distribution of contents without the consent of creators, such as ‘non-firm’

It is testing the ‘blockchain content platform‘ system by choosing blockchain.

The word “living in the midst of a flood of content” can be taken as an obvious rhetoric

We are in an age of content glut. Let me point out one thing first, according to their own definitions

The location and form of the content may vary, but in this article, I will narrow it down to digitized information distributed through the Internet.

Ultimately, it’s about dealing with a blockchain-based platform
This is because more and more content and creators are online compared to offline.

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